You’re covered

Every year, the New Zealand fire service is called out to battle blazes in rural and bush areas which cause substantial damage to the landscape and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to put out. Liability for forest and rural fires is covered under the Forest and Rural Fires Act 1977.

If you’re responsible for a fire starting you will almost certainly be liable for the damage caused to other properties and the costs incurred in fighting the fire. Avoiding liability is not likely. You can only avoid liability in limited circumstances – where the fire was accidental and the circumstances leading to the fire were extraordinary.

Although it is impossible to avoid the risk of fire altogether, you can take steps to reduce the risk and ensure that if there is a fire, you are covered for all losses. Becoming a member of H&H is a great start, as this means you are insured while out in the backcountry in case you are held liable for a fire.

Insurance policy details:  

Insured Name: Hunters and Habitats Incorporated
Cover: State Broadform Liability
Situation of Risk: Anywhere in New Zealand

Limit of Indemnity:
Broadform Liability: $2,000,000
Forest & Rural Fires Act (Section 8): $2,000,000

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